April 15, 2012

Pictures from a day off.

I’ve been working extra at the moment because of the Easter weekend and my boss is having some time off. The extra money is going to be a real help, but I know I’m going to be sick of the sight of my work place before the end of it. One upside is the increased appreciation of free time. I had two real days of this week, and I feel like I used them well. I basked in good company, ate delightful things, and spent some of my hard earned money on delicate pretties.

This is one of the best salads I’ve ever had. Ever. It was fig, walnut, beetroot, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, and the most delicate and creamy goats cheese. So damn good.

This is the adorable little gluten free pizza Jessica had for lunch. I love the serving platters at the cafe. 

We went to a food market we had wanted to visit for such a long time. I wanted to go completely nuts in there. There was some of the most gorgeous ingredients, lovely fresh fruit and vegetables, great gluten free goodies for Jess, and beautiful pastries that took all my strength to avoid. Best purchases included homemade Turkish Delight, figs, and raspberry vinegar as a gift for my mother.

With all the fresh veggies I decided to make some soup. The last few times I’ve made soup I’ve been really into making my own stock. It makes a huge difference. You’re in charge of the flavour and the salt level.

What is it about chopped vegetables that looks so pretty?

The end result is less pretty, but was very tasty, warming, and comforting.

On my excursion with Jess I bought this beautiful tea light holder, that casts out the most delightful twinkling light when the candle is lit.  

Following the theme of fragile pretty things I bought these Moroccan tea glasses. I’ve wanted some for so long, and as fate would have it, I actually found them when I had money. They will never be drank from, but will be well loved and admired.  

The following day I caught up with one of my oldest and closest friends for coffee, macarons, and gossip. It was all splendid. Especially the macarons. 

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